Rules and Regulations

The participant must be a freshman (Master’s) student at one of the participating educational institutions: Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, University of Humanistic Studies, Marnix Academie, THIM van der Laan University College Physiotherapy, TIO University of Applied Sciences or Schoevers Utrecht.

During the event:

The UIT may decide to make image and/or sound recordings of the event and its visitors. These recordings may be made public or reproduced. The participant grants unconditional consent to the making of these recordings and use thereof, without the UIT or third parties being obliged to pay compensation to the visitors either at present or in the future. Any associated rights and/or copyrights and/or portrait rights are hereby transferred by the visitor to the organisation without any restriction. Furthermore, the visitor irrevocably waives the right to claim his/her personality rights. Images and photos may be removed upon written request.

Access to UIT events may be denied if:

The participant is not in possession of a valid wristband.

The participant does not follow the instructions of the organisation.

The participant is in such a state that he/she constitutes a danger to himself/herself and/or to his/her environment.

The participant is in possession of weapons and/or (hard) drugs.

Showing proof of identity is compulsory when requested by staff, so please ensure that you always have your ID with you.

You may be subject to security screening/searches. This screening is mandatory and has been set up as part of general security measures. You are expected to cooperate during a security screening.