Rules and Regulations

The participant must be a student at one of the participating educational institutions: Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, HKU, University of Humanistic Studies, Marnix Academy, Thim van der Laan and TIO.

During the UIT

  • The alcohol and drug policy of the UIT applies to all events. This includes among other things:
    • Providing alcohol to young people under the age of 18 is not permitted;
    • Drinking alcohol under the age of 18 is not permitted;
    • Owning, using and/or being under the influence of hard and / or soft drugs and laughing gas will not be tolerated

  • The UIT can decide to make video and/or audio recordings of the event and its visitors (e.g. via drone images or screenshots/recordings from online call platforms). These recordings can be made public or reproduced. The participant/volunteer gives unconditional permission to make these recordings and to exploit them without the UIT or third parties owing a fee to the visitors. Any neighboring rights and/or copyrights and/or portrait rights are transferred by the visitor to the organization without any restriction. Furthermore, the visitor irrevocably waives the right to invoke his/her personality rights. Images and photos can be deleted on written request.

  • It is not permitted to perform commercial activities at and around the event, unless agreements have been made with the organization of the UIT.

  • Identification is mandatory when requested by staff, so always bring your ID with you.

  • It may be that your bag or you are checked/searched, this check is mandatory and set in connection with general safety. You are required to cooperate during an inspection.

  • Visiting every event is entirely at your own risk.

  • Anyone can be denied access to events at any time during the event, for example if:
    • The participant/volunteer does not follow the instructions of the organization;
    • The participant/volunteer is in such a condition that he/she is a danger to himself and or his/her environment;
    • The participant/volunteer is in possession of weapons and/or (hard) drugs.
    • The participant/volunteer is under the age of 18 and in possession of or drinking alcoholic beverages;
    • The participant/volunteer displayed inappropriate behaviour during online activities;