Participating in the UIT 2021

You can register as a participant of the UIT 2021 via above buttons.

Tickets for the physical programme are sold out, but you can still get tickets for the online programme + physical festival on thursday 19th of August. 

Do you have a question about participating in the UIT? View the FAQ page or mail to

Ticket prices

An online ticket cost €10 this year. For this price you can visit four online information markets. There are livestreams every day and you can watch exclusive online content. You will also get excess to our online UIT magazine. You will be placed in a group with whom you can chat, you can also chat with (society’s) and students outside your own group.


The price for a physical ticket will be €66,50. There for you will get a three-day program with lunches every day. On one of these three days you will get a dinner and a special nighttime program. You will also get a bag full of goodies and deals as well as excess to the online UIT magazine. You will be placed in a group with two UIT mentors.


IMPORTANT: with a physical ticket you will not have excess to the festival that will be held on the 19th of august. Down below you will read how to get the festival ticket!

On Thursday the 19th of august you can attend the festival. At this festival we will be working with Testen voor Toegang. This means you will have to get the CoronaCheck app. In the app you can add your vaccination, or your corona test results.
You can add a festival ticket to your online or physical ticket for only €10 extra. You can find this ticket below the regular ticket you’re buying.