Practical information

Below you can read information that can be useful when you come to the Netherlands as an international student.

Public transport

To travel with public transport in the Netherlands we have a card called "OV-chipkaart" (OV). The OV card can be purchased at every terminal at every train station in the Netherlands. However, if you want a subscription, you will need a personalised OV, which can be ordered here:

For cheaper train fares you can buy the 'dal-uren' subscription which will give you 40% discount during the weekends and off peak hours, which you can buy here: Be aware this is for a year, you can purchase a monthly subscription using the NS flex. This provides the added benefit of paying directly, so you never have to put money on the OV card as it is directly withdrawn from your bank account monthly.


For student housing you are recommended to register with SSH, this is the organization which provides the most accomodations in Uttecht. You can find more information on their website here: For exchanges of 6 months and shorter, the SSH has reserved rooms for international students called short stay.

Other than that, Facebook is recommended. There are several pages for finding a place to live. Try things like: Rooms Utrecht, Kamer zoeken Utrecht, Kamers Utrecht. You can respond to the rooms that are available and you might get invited to see the place. 

And another website you can use:

International Manager

We are happy to announce that from this year on we will have an international manager to support the international students. The international manager is the connecting person between the UITboard and the international students. The international manager is committed to help and support you prior and during the UIT. During the UIT he will be responsible for the activities specialized for international students and will be the contact person for international partners. 

So do you have any questions? Feel free to mail Yahya Algehaili at

For this year the position for international manager is occupied, but are you interested? Like our facebook or instagram for more updates.