The introduction of the city of Utrecht

The Utrecht Introduction Time, simply 'UIT', is a general introduction of the city of Utrecht. it is commissioned by the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht University. All prospective students who are going to study at the Utrecht University, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, HKU, University for Humanism, Marnix Academie, Thim van der Laan, TIO and Schoevers can participate in the city introduction. 

The program

The UIT 2021 is taking place from monday the 16th till friday the 20th of August 2021. During this general city introduction your child will given the chance to discover Utrecht, the educational institutions and all the student organisations together with 4000 other students. 

There will be different program activities organised during the week to discover Utrecht! There will be a city tour along the different squares and parks, an information market and an cultural festival. More information about the program? click here

In five days your son or daughter will discover everything Utrecht can give you together with 15 other prospective students and 2 mentors to escort them. This introduction is not bonded tot a study or certain education and certainly is not an noviciate.