As a crew you can register alone or as a couple and you are active behind the scenes of one of the biggest events in Utrecht; the UIT! Behind the scenes, the crew, which consists of approximately 150 senior students, make an important organizational contribution to the UIT.

What are the duties of a crewmember?
As a crewmember you perform a variety of logistical tasks during the week to help coordinate the events. Your average day during the week would consist of one shift (morning, afternoon or evening), in which you work together with other crew members to ensure the activities go smoothly. In addition, you prepare the mentors for the UIT through a training. You train them for the UIT so that they are well informed and they can give the participants a fantastic week. If the mentors have any questions or problems during the UIT, they call you.

What are the requirements?
Thursday before the UIT (August 6) you have a mandatory crew day with all the other crewmembers. On that day everything is told about the mentor training and what is exactly expected of you during the week.You do not have to have certain skills to become a good crew member; everything you need to know you will be taught that day.

What do I get in return?
If you are a crewmember during the UIT, you certainly don't do it for nothing. Your work as a crew will give you a unique look behind the scenes. Not only is it interesting to experience the organization of such a large event up close, it also brings great benefits. If you don't have a shift, you are free to go where you want. As you have access to all activities and parties, you don't have to miss a single part of the UIT! You will also receive free meals, coins for drinks, a crew shirt and sweater, a crew day, crew reunions and of course a lot of appreciation! Being a crew is working, having fun, drinking drinks, partying, making friends and much, much more!

You can register here as a crewmember. 

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