Overnight accommodation

During the UIT there is an evening program every day that you absolutely should not miss because you do not have a room (yet). However, the organization of the UIT is not responsible for finding you a place to sleep. That is why it is important that you arrange a place to sleep! Look below for the different options.

Student organizations

You can find a place to sleep through many student organizations. You stay in the house of members of the association, cozy and free! Below you will find an overview of the student organizations that offer a place to sleep and a link for you to register.


C.S. Veritas


Semper Excelsius

Unitas S.R.





If you are unable to arrange a place to sleep through a friend or student organization, you can also look at hostels in and near Utrecht (for example StayOkay). 
Sometimes you can also stay with your mentor or someone from your group, however, you cannot assume this in advance.

Do you have a bag with stuff on Monday morning? No problem, you can leave it at the luggage storage office. You can then pick up your bag at the Central Post in TivoliVredenburg.