Overnight accommodation

There is also an evening programme every day which you cannot afford to miss simply because you don’t have a place to sleep (yet). However, the UIT management is not responsible for finding overnight accommodation for you. That’s why it is important that you make arrangements for a place to sleep! There are various options. Below is a list of the organisations that offer a place to sleep during the UIT 2019. You can stay with association members at their home. Convenient, comfortable and at no charge!

- Unitas S.R.

- C.S. Veritas


- S.S.R.-N.U.


- U.S.R. Triton

- SIB Utrecht

Often it may also be possible to stay with your mentor or with someone from your mentor group - this is, of course, a lot of fun! But you can’t rely on this to be arranged. If you have a overnight bag and need a place to store it somewhere on Monday morning, you can leave it at the luggage storage office at the entrance so you don't have to lug it around all day. Afterwards, you can pick up your bag from the central control room (Centrale Post).