As a mentor duo you will initially offer online guidance to the prospective students in your group and you will be the first point of contact during the UIT. This way the UIT runners can come to you with questions about studying, going out, student life, etc. and you can tell them all about what Utrecht has to offer the students! You can (digitally) get together and participate in our online activities. Participants indicate in advance whether they can be physically present in Utrecht. If you have a group of which participants can be physically present, you are free to make an appointment with your group on your own initiative. In this way you can explore the city together or participate in our live-aspects.

as a mentor, you have access to all mobile phone numbers of the participant from your group. These can be found shortly before the OFF (one of the last days) in your OFF account under 'My group'. Make sure you create a Whatsapp group as soon as possible so the participants know you are there! This way, participants can contact you for questions and you can make physical or digital appointments.

Answer all the questions of the participants and discuss the program! Get to know each other through MS Teams or Zoom. Schedule an MS Teams of Zoom appointment during one of our live broadcasts. This way you can still attend them together. In addition, there are numerous online games you can do with your participants, be creative!

Attention: all physical activities carried out must take place according to the rules of RIVM.
The UIT is never responsible for these meetings. At all times follow the rules of the RIVM and always listen to the police and/or law enforcement if they are present. If you have a group whose participants can be physically present in Utrecht, it is possible to make arrangements about this on your own initiative. You can show the city, have lunch in the park or come up with your own activity. Be creative! Various parties can optionally organise small-scale physical activities, such as visits to museums, workshops or guided tours of associations. More information about this later! When making physical appointments or activities, always keep the 1.5 meter distance in mind and avoid busy places at all times. Also point out the participants on their own responsibility and make clear agreements with each other.