The Utrecht Introduction Time, UIT in short, is the general city introduction for all prospective students who have enrolled in Utrecht for higher professional education or a degree program. The UIT is for everyone who is going to study at Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, HKU, University of Humanistic Studies, Marnix Academy, Thim van der Laan and TIO.

The Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT) 2021 takes place from Monday 16 to Thursday 19 August 2021 and is the best way to start your student days! During this general city introduction, you will have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students, the educational institutions, the student organizations and of course the city of Utrecht itself together with 2000 other prospective students. The UIT is five days of fun, music, culture, party, sports and much more! It's independent of the study that you are going to follow, participants are randomly divided into groups which gives you the chance to get to know people from other studies. The UIT is mainly attended by Dutch students, but all international students are more than welcome.

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