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Utrechtse Introductie Tijd
Utrechtse Introductie Tijd

The Utrecht Introduction Time, UIT in short, is the general city introduction for all prospective students who have enrolled in Utrecht for higher professional education or a degree program, and is the best way to start your time studying here! The UIT is for everyone who is going to study at any higher education institution in Utrecht. This year it is held from the 14th tot the 17th of august. It’s the perfect way to get your way around the city, getting tips and tricks, and making new friends. Together with over 4000 other prospect students, you are guided with special International Mentors, to kickstart your new life in Utrecht.

Learn more about the UIT and what you can expect with this video!

For Whom is the UIT?

The UIT is for everyone who is going to study at Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, HKU, University of Humanistic Studies, Marnix Academy, Thim van der Laan, TIO, ROC Midden Nederland, Nimeto Utrecht, MBO Utrecht and Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.