Welcome to the UIT 2020!

The Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT) 2020 takes place from Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 August 2020 and is the best way to start your student period in Utrecht!
Registrations are now open! follow our Facebook or Instagram for updates. 

Do you have a question about participating in the UIT? Mail to info@utrechtseintroductietijd.nl 

Do you have a (physical) disability or chronic illness and want to participate in the UIT? No problem, we try to make the UIT accessible to everyone! Do you want to be assured of a pleasant and issue-free UIT? Send an email (stating what we should take into account or what you need help with) to deelnemers@utrechtseintroductietijd.nl

Corona updates

In these times of the corona virus there are alot of uncertanties about the future. We are living in a bizarre time with al the drastic measures our government and RIVM (national institute of Health) are taking to stop the spread of the virus. These measures alse apply to the UIT. We, as an organisation, are still working very hard to realise and organise the UIT2020 in August, doing this we're all working from our own houses. In the upcoming period we will monitor and apply the new measures given by the government and RIVM within the UIT. At this moment there are no signs that the UIT2020 can't take place. 

Do you want more information or read the corona updates within the UIT? Click here


What is the UIT?

The Utrecht Introduction Time, or UIT for short, is the general city introduction for all prospective (master) students who are going to study in Utrecht. Whether or not you will be living in Utrecht, come from the south or the north, the UIT is for everyone who is going to study at Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, HKU, University for Humanistics, Marnix Academy, Thim van der Laan and TIO.
The UIT 2020 is the best way to start your student life! During the UIT2020 you will become digitally acquainted with everything Utrecht has to offer in the coming years. This way you will get to know the different associations, the educational institutions and the city of Utrecht!
The programme of the UIT 2020 will be announced later!